miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

You've got so many stories to tell
you said that I'm, I'm the only one and very well to me
and I feel safe and warm, in your arms again.
You go away and my heart drops into
a hole of pain, a hole of pain
I want you are my love my darling,
my only one I know.
Take me to away where nothing hurts
where I can be by myself
with your sweet arts again
Melt me in your arms, in your body
where I can be by myself
with your so sweet love
The way you hold,
the way you hold me last night
the way you walk in the morning by my side
the way you looked at me
there's no need to word spell
there's no need to speak.
                                                                                                            - Again, Anni B Sweet.

Oh the hands of time won’t stop for me
And I’ve asked a thousand hundred times
And my mouth won’t do what my mind is ordering.
Well you said that I’m
that I’m still quite young
Then why am I feeling old?
And the days are passing by with hurry inside.

And the god of all in who I don’t believe
And they’re telling me that he can hear me
Well I can’t see any change in my rutine                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                             - lalala, Anni B Sweet.

I'll never understand why
you voice is so related to my mind
''wrong'' it's not in your noise
hiding feelings on top of the roof
and it's unreachable and illogical
blocking my mind,blocking my mind
blocking my mind.
And I am working on building up a wall
in my heart so little soldiers of war don't try to climit up
and i'm working on building up a railing in my mind
so before getting in you must knock on me.
                                                                                                               -motorway, Anni B Sweet.

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